Why You Can Trust God’s Timing

A man, Jarius, frantically pushes through the crowds, desperate to get to Jesus. His daughter is dying, and there’s no time to lose. Falling down at Jesus’s feet, he begs him to come and save his daughter.

Jesus follows, as Jarius begins to lead him back to his house. But the crowds are relentless. Fear clings at the man’s throat; his daughter does not have long. They need to hurry, or it will be too late.

A woman approached Jesus, and the man’s heart sank. If Jesus stopped to help this woman, surely his daughter would die today. But that’s exactly what Jesus did.

Jarius watched in horror as Jesus stopped to talk to the woman. Worriedly, he looked around the crowd. He caught sight of a face he recognized. Somebody from his household.

“Your daughter is dead,” said the man. The world seemed to crumple around Jarius. His eyes darted to Jesus, anger welling up inside of him. If Jesus had hurried, if they had gotten there sooner, his daughter would be alive.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Jesus, to Jarius. “Just believe. She will be healed.”

God works for his glory

Often, God’s timing doesn’t match up with ours. As in the story of Jairus from Luke 8, though, God is working for his glory.

Rather than just healing Jairus’s daughter, Jesus raised her from the dead, to bring himself glory and show those in the household his power.

Everything God does, is show himself as glorious. He saved, created and chose us for his glory.

God works for YOUr (eternal) good

Not only does God work for his glory, he knows what’s best for you. Even when it feels like nothing is going right, you can trust his plan for your life.

We so often stress about the future, or that things aren’t going how we think they need to. But, do we ever stop to consider that, just maybe, the God of the universe knows better than we do? He is completely in control of your life, and he is working for your good.

It doesn’t always feel good, of course. In the end, though, God uses even the hardest things for, guess what, his glory. He has a perfect plan for your life, that ends in paradise with him forever.

When you, like Jarius, feel frantic that God isn’t working how he needs to, remember you can trust God.


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