A Different Law

Thinking and talking about God’s law often makes us uncomfortable. It implies that we have to actually–*gasp*–do something. Usually it means giving up something we want, whether physical or emotional. And so we despise God’s law. We avoid being confronted. Obey, simply because we are supposed to. Always, a feeling of being in the wrong […]

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What’s the Point?

Life can sometimes feel pointless. You know how it feels. Maybe you constantly have a nagging, sick feeling tugging at your gut, reminding you that you are not being productive, that you are wasting your time. These feelings take a firm grip on our hearts, and squeeze the air from our lungs. Is anything worth […]

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10 Things I’m Thankful for

Okay, I’m a little late for Canadian Thanksgiving… and any Americans reading this are probably very confused why Thanksgiving is even on my mind yet. Well, it was last weekend and I’m late. But I wanted to make a post anyways. So, here are just ten things that I’m thankful to God for. Here goes! […]

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