You Don’t Need to Be Jealous

When I was younger, my sisters’ birthdays were jealous tantrum-throwing time. They were getting presents, and I wasn’t? No fair.

Ok, so maybe I haven’t changed much.

Don’t worry, I’ve moved past temper tantrums, but I still caught myself in jealousy this week as my sister’s birthday arrived. Whether I was concerning myself over how much more presents she got, or whether my family treated her better than they had me, I was not in a great mood.

In the morning, though, my mom pulled me aside and pointed out my jealousy. While I was reluctant to admit my sin, I eventually came around and was able to take joy in my sister’s special day.

How did I do this? Not in my own strength, for sure. But with truths from some worship songs, I realized what lies I was believing and the Gospel truths to combat them.

First of all…

1. God is Good

We have a heavenly Father who knows what is best for us. He is sovereign.

That means that when he withholds things from us, it is for our good, even when it doesn’t seem good.

When we look at other people’s things covetously, we can remember this simple truth. The Lord will give us all we need. If we haven’t been given it, it isn’t best for us now.

Isn’t it incredible to be able to completely trust God’s plan for you? Sure, it isn’t easy. Sometimes it is difficult to trust that God is working for good. But he is.

Trust the Lord’s plan and rest knowing that what he has given you, and even what he hasn’t, is best.

2. Earthly Things do Not Satisfy

The things of this world do not satisfy.

Even non believers eventually come to this realization. There is never enough money, clothes, followers and the list continues. When we put our hope in anything but Christ, we are let down.

That’s because earthly things were never meant to bear the weight of our souls. They’re not meant to fulfill us!

When you catch yourself wishing you had something that you don’t, remember that it wouldn’t satisfy you. Turn your thoughts instead to the one who perfectly satisfies.

If you catch yourself being jealous this week, think about these things. Remember your perfect Father knows what’s best for you, and it is him who satisfies you.

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need to Be Jealous

  1. This is so true! It’s quite easy to get caught up with the things of this world. We’re so greedy and just want things that we don’t have. However, the things of this world won’t last forever. These earthly things aren’t eternal.

    That is why we must find satisfaction in the Lord. He is eternal and will never fade! The things that we may never get is for a reason. The plan God has for lives, we must trust Him because He knows what is best. He knows everything! 🙂


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